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In the 1990s, Peter Salovey and John Mayer, two American academics, worked on an innovative concept: emotional intelligence.

According to their research, an individual's intelligence is no longer measured solely by their IQ, but also by their emotions and how they manage them.

This concept was further developed and popularized by the American psychologist Daniel Goleman, who dedicated several works to this new concept. Today, there are several models focusing on this innovative notion of emotional intelligence. Based on various studies, TTI Success Insights has developed a new interactive tool that assesses this emotional quotient.

The EQ tool therefore allows for a better understanding of our emotions, as well as those of our peers. It is an innate talent that can be developed. That's why our assessment also provides a practical approach on how to implement this knowledge in our daily behaviors.

Emotions influence our decisions and behaviors. Being aware of one's own emotional state is a first step towards more rational thinking. In recruitment, the EQ tool can make a difference between several candidates in terms of soft skills. For sound advice, EQ can help work on oneself, stress management, communication, leadership, or decision-making processes.

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