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ouverture-au-developpement - ressource humaine - BdeB Avocats & Consultants RH


Drawing from the works of German philosopher Robert S. Hartmann, this assessment aims to decrypt cognitive abilities and the capacity for learning and development in an individual.

Offering a much more comprehensive approach than a resume or an interview, the ACU report provides a real understanding of the cognitive aspects and capabilities of the respondent.

As a potential revealer, this report highlights an individual's ability to:

  • Understand their role within an organization

  • Understand the roles of others within the organization

  • Analyze their performance and the associated task requirements

  • Develop new technical skills

  • Develop new interpersonal skills

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Identify and improve communication abilities


In the current hiring context, it is crucial to find candidates with a high capacity for learning, intellectual flexibility, and openness to development. This test is the ideal tool for identifying such candidates.

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Ouverture au changement entreprise - contact Trois-Rivières - magog - BdeB Avocats & Consultants RH


  • Flexible service  offered by videoconference, over the phone or in person

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