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“How do we act? ". It is to this fundamental question that the DISC tool provides some answers. This method is based on emotions and allows to better understand how a person finds his energy, his self-motivation and his responses to external pressures.

During the 20th century, the American psychologist William Moulton Marston developed a method to decipher and analyze these behaviors. His research, in particular his book The emotions of normal people published in 1928, allowed to consolidate and validate this language.

The DISC tool, for Dominance Influence Stability Conformity, was born. Marston did not invent the behavior assessment system, he did not even see the potential for application of his research. Nevertheless, the publication of his work made it possible to feed behavioral studies and this eventually led to the development of a modern vision of the DISC tool, complementing Marston's initial thought.

This method aims to decipher our behaviors, our interactions and our way of reacting with others. Notions such as education, intelligence or experience are not taken into account in this assessment. All that matters is our way of being and what results from it.

The DISC tool offers real versatility:

  • In recruiting, it makes it possible to establish a precise job profile and optimizes the hiring process. The needs of the position are highlighted and the candidate is chosen according to the expectations expressed. Thanks to the use of the DISC, the compatibility between recruiter and candidate is thus reinforced, as is the integration of the new recruit into the company.

  • In counseling / coaching, the DISC model makes it possible to intervene in the face of problems relating to communication, individual (getting to know each other better in order to

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