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What motivates an individual? The WPMOT tool (Workplace Motivators) sheds light on what an individual considers important in their work environment and reveals each person's driving forces.

The tool is based on research conducted by the German philosopher and psychologist Eduard Spranger, particularly his work 'Types of Men,' in which he attempts to decipher individuals' values and their impact on behavior.

In his approach, Spranger highlights six attitudes corresponding to the lenses through which we judge the world around us. Each attitude can then be expressed as a driving force or filter for our daily actions.

The 12 motivators are a valuable tool for your business. It reveals the different motivation factors and helps understand the priorities an individual has set. The generated report assists respondents in better understanding their professional environment and helps them better achieve their goals.

This tool offers great versatility in its application and allows for:

  • Reduction in turnover

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Conflict reduction

  • Strengthening cohesion

  • Improved self-awareness"

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