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Team Cohesion: Source of Performance and Well-being in Business

Team Spirit: A notion heard and repeated thousands of times, whether in sports, associations, or professional environments. More than just a common expression, it's a key element that can change a lot of things. However, it's essential to understand its stakes. Decoding.

Team cohesion, what is it?

At a time when team-building is constantly being discussed, it is important to revisit the basic concept when it comes to teamwork: cohesion. It's a concept that seems obvious at first glance but is nonetheless essential. Cohesion is when members of the same team are able to mobilize around a common project.

Interactions are strengthened, bonds are formed, cooperation and solidarity are the keywords of the organization. Today, this cohesion is crucial in the workplace. Why? Simply because cohesion is the epicenter of an effective organization, and it has several positive effects.

Better understanding oneself to better understand others

Why address team cohesion today? Simply because it's an essential, timeless notion that isn't affected by the multiple changes in today's work environment. It's the very foundation of any organization. And it's logically an area on which TTI Success Insights has been tirelessly working for many years. How?

Through our tools that provide essential insights for a better understanding of one's professional environment. Abilities, behaviors, motivational factors, all important data that improve interaction with others.

  • What are my collaborators' behaviors?

  • What drives them?

  • What are their abilities?

These are far from trivial questions as they first allow for a better understanding of one's surroundings, interactions adapted to different behaviors, and an optimized organization based on each individual's motivations and abilities."

A key concept not to be overlooked

The current trend of Team Building, and all the activities that stem from it, is an encouraging sign of increased focus on the notion of teamwork. But this is not always enough. A loosely-knit team may create bonds during a Team Building session, but if there are pre-existing issues, they are likely to persist afterward.

A fun or sporty break will not solve all the difficulties encountered. Dialogue needs to be established, and for that, it is necessary to truly understand one's colleagues in order to interact with them better. It's a more substantial, longer, sometimes more challenging work, but one from which everyone will emerge stronger.

Source: TTI Success Insights France."


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